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LAVAZZA ITierra Single Origin Brazil Cerrado Ground Coffee 180gm


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Fully body and aromatic taste profile

Lavazza ¡Tierra! single-origin Brazil-Cerrado is a unique coffee, comes exclusively from Rainforest Alliance certified farms. The Arabica grows in the dry climate of the Cerrado plateau in Brazil and is harvested from July to September. This 100% intense Arabica single-origin blend offers full body and aromatic taste profile with notes of honey and dark chocolate.

A premium coffee for a unique taste experience.

  • Origins: 100% Arabica
  • Roast: Medium
  • Packaging: 180g
  • Grind: Medium Coarse
  • Suitable: Cerrado is ideal for the Moka pot, but also suitable for other brewing methods, including Chemex, Aeropress, V60 and French Press.

Bodied with honey notes. A unique 100% Arabica coffee, sustainably grown on the Cerrado highlands, in Brazil.




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