About Us

Guan Hock Lee was established in 1950 with the aim of providing quality food products to Brunei. With over 70 years of retail and wholesale experience, GHL is one of the largest distributors of gourmet food products in the country.



We currently supply a wide range of inventory to all major supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels in the country; and, we also operate two of our own gourmet food markets. Our current product range includes fresh and frozen seafood; dairy products, e.g. quality cheese, creams, yoghurts, milk, and their substitutes; artisanal jams and spreads; premium coffee, teas, and matcha powders; imported fresh fruits; chocolate and confectionary; Japanese and Korean products; oils and vinegars; specialty baking goods and flours; a large range of drinks and syrups; herbs and spices; as well as catering supplies and equipment from Australia, Italy, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


We are a proudly Bruneian company, and we work diligently to work in line with all the religious, and health and safety regulations guidelines set out by the Bruneian Government. We actively seek to obtain all the required halal, food analysis, and factory certification for all our products in distribution, both in retail and wholesale. These certification can be provided to all our customers depending on their business needs.



GHL also constantly looks at expanding our customer base and product offerings to suit the changing needs of our customers. We are open to distributors both locally and internationally. Please direct all business enquiries to the relevant contacts on our contact page.